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About the Owner

Bethany's great grandmother, Santa, was from Sicily. Although they never got to meet, Bethany was told stories of the love of baking she had. Santa would fill her kitchen with many large bowls of bread dough, left to rise. The kitchen would fill with the aroma of sweet yeast. During the holidays, she made Pane di Pasqua, a sweet Italian bread traditionally served at Easter. Aside from bread, Santa was known for her scratch made red velvet cake. Food was love, and she shared that with her family. 


Bethany's grandmother, Ersilia, was from Malta, the island below Sicily. Ersilia's home was always filled with the aroma of cooking and freshly washed laundry. Ersilia made cannoli, biscotti, pizzelles, and the well-known maltese favorite, pastizzi. ​

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